Sling: An Online Game Oozing with Fun

Sling is an amusing online game which is easy to get started on, but so addicting you won’t want to stop until you beat all 50 levels. It was created by Jamie and Simon Edis of the online game development company, Controls are simple, a matter of clicking and dragging with the mouse, but the gameplay itself is challenging and requires thought and logic.
I like to play online games. Often I will surf through dozens before finding one that holds my attention, and it usually takes me just a minute to decide whether or not I like it. If the game uses too many keys for control, or requires a lot of reading before I can get started, I will move to another game. It’s not that I don’t like to read (I’m actually a bookworm) it’s just that if I’m in the mood to play, I don’t want to absorb an instruction manual before I can get started. Sling, unlike many games, grabbed my attention immediately.

Who is Sling?

Sling is a little glob of goo that looks a bit like a green teardrop with a face. He has no arms or legs, but a hand attached to his head by a long strip of springy slime. Sling’s hand sticks to things, and when you pull him with your mouse you can fling him to other objects like a slingshot. “Real-world physics are used to model Sling’s springy arm, his motion and collisions,” according to Ezone.

As an apprentice power-keeper to the Oozeville Power Plant, Sling is mentored by an elder glob of goo named Geeza. Geeza gives instructions to Sling, and leads the introductory tutorial. He also appears in many comical cut scenes.

Object of the Game

A portal appears in the wall of ooze, and monsters come through into the world of Sling and Geeza. The monsters steal part of the Powersource of Oozeville, then flee back into the portal. Sling is sent on a mission to retrieve the missing element so Oozeville isn’t destroyed.

The game has 50 levels, and there is a boss to beat every fifth level. If you complete the level within a certain time you receive a gold marker for that spot on the map. If you get gold on all levels you receive a bonus at the end of the game.

I like Sling because it’s challenging yet cute (even the monsters). It takes a while to play it, but if you lack time you don’t have to do it all at once. The game allows you to save, so you can come back to it each day.


Sling gives the choice of starting out in Easy, Medium, or Hard mode. I suggest Easy mode to start because after you solve the game you can do it again on Medium or Hard. On Medium mode the gameplay is more challenging, so it’s kind of like starting from scratch.

Sling is one of the better games I’ve played lately. Go to Free Game: Sling to play.