Things to know about the characters of Free Fire Battleground


Free fire Battleground is definitely a high configuration game with excellent gameplay and graphics that can gobble up a lot of your time. After playing a couple of matches you can find that you are facing difficulties in a certain part. It’s quite normal because your level is increasing and in order to master this game, you will need a lot of practice. The MMORPG game is not that easy to master. The very first thing that we all need to do in this game is to select a character. This is where most of the people make a wrong choice and suffer from the consequences. Some character will have excellent speed while other have strategies with a clever mind. Depending on your situation you will need to pick them.

Characters over cosmetics

While selecting the characters the other cosmetic items like t-shirts, hats or pants are not that important. This will not act as an add-on benefit in the gameplay. It will definitely make your character look better or cool but when you are playing an MMORPG game then nobody is going to admire the outfit unless you use a free fire battlegrounds hack. The opponents are there for killing you. You can get the cosmetic items by exchanging the diamonds or the currency that you are provided.

Characters and their characteristics are very important because their key features will help you in this game. In this game, you will be finding 8 characters and among them, two characters name Eve and Adam will be unlocked from the beginning. The other characters will be unlocked with advancing stages.

You can easily use the in-game resources or currencies like dollar or diamonds for unlocking the heroes. You can only get Misha if you are exchanging diamonds in lieu of it. The statistics of the game will keep on increasing when you will be leveling up the character. You can easily increase the durability loss of Andrew from 2 % to 10% by gaining some game achievements and upgrading them. So there is always a chance of upgrading your character and making it better. If you are looking for a hero who has an excellent game strategy and is quite clever when it comes to staying within the borders of the safe zone then Ford will be the best choice.

So this is an overview of the characters. Every minute detail regarding the characters and their specialty will be mentioned at the beginning of the game.

Rules to follow in 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a very famous billiard game that you can easily play in your Android devices. It is a very interesting game because the entire thing will happen virtually with the help of the sensor and you can compete with players from all around the world. The rules of 8 Ball Pool with are quite similar with that of billiard and hence for playing it properly, you will need to make yourself familiar with it. You can easily play this game in single or dual player mode. The game will start with the 16 balls where there will be 15 object balls and one cue ball. After playing the game for a long time you will get acquainted with the rules of this game. But if you are a beginner then continue reading this article for a transparent overview of the rules.

You can get tables of various type and shape. The game will start with 16 balls where there will be 7 balls which will be stripped and 7 balls which will be solid and there will be 1 cue ball and another black ball.

Aiming is a difficult job but is very mandatory in this game. Moreover, you can’t consume a lot of time for aiming because it will make you lose your chance of making the next shot. Always try to cut it short by applying quick shots. You can also follow the guidelines for aiming or you can switch on the aiming mode.

8 Ball Pool is also known by the name of the pocket game and is a virtual billiards. So for winning the game, you will have to put at least eight balls in the pocket.

The player who can break the first match will then be chosen randomly and then all the other players will be chosen.

The 15 balls will be arranged in a way that it will make a triangular shape and there will be a ball in the front position and all the other balls will be placed randomly.

For becoming a skilled player you will need a lot of dedication and time. Learning the rules is the key to success in this game. Though in the beginning, you will get directions when the game will start preceding you can also switch off the directions and play by yourself. You will also have to participate in the tournaments for trying challenges with the opponent. In this way, you will not only learn new tactics but can also be able to handle difficult situations which may arise as a result of competition.

Every game comes with their own currencies and resources that enable a person to proceed in the game. You will get pool cash and the pool coins in this game. Pool Coins are the main currency and the player can use it for buying more cues and the table patterns. You can also use the 8 Ball Pool cheats apk for generating more of this.

These are basically the few rules of this game which are a player will need to abide by completely to master this game.

A guide on the troops of clash of clans

Clash of Clan is a very popular game played on the Android devices where you need strategy, dedication and time for mastering the game. It has come into the market from the year 2012 and players are dedicating a huge amount of time on this game. This game looks quite simple where you just have to build your clan and upgrade and protect your clan from your enemy but without a proper strategy, you can’t survive till the end of the game. So here in this article, we are going to discuss the troops which you are going to buy for defending and attacking the Clans.

A guide on the troops

Barbarians: When you will start to play this game at first you will be unlocking the barbarians from the barracks. These barbarians have quite an average value of HP which will help them to shield your clan. You can easily train your barbarians at very low cost and they are mostly used for shielding the meat from the archer’s or wizard goblins and wall breakers. Wizard towers and mortars who are capable of doing slash damage can easily be destroyed using barbarians.

Archers: Archers are normally said to be the combat troops which signifies that it has the capability of attacking from a long distance or shot over the walls. They are very much effective both in groups and in solo. During later stages, they are used with the Hog riders or Dragons. They can shoot from a distance of near about 3.5 tiles.

Goblin: This is one of the preferable and the fastest troop and their favorite target are the resources. You should always use the goblins for farming the defense so that you can attack other troops by taking a large Army of goblins and very less number of other Troops. During the lower level, goblins are said to be very much profitable and help you in hunting the trophies. Like the Giants or the other troops, goblins will also not shift to any other target until their favorite target is destroyed properly.

Giant: Giant are mostly used for the defence purpose and they are from the tankless unit. They have a good amount of HP but they are very low in DPS. They mostly used for facing the Fire and protecting the crucial units like the wall breakers.

When you will start to play this game you normally have to play with these 4 troops so it is very much important to use them properly for specific purposes and there is always a clash of clans hack which you can try to cause maximum damage to other clans.

Things to know about the features, roads, and zones of the game SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit is very popular mobile simulation game which you can play on your tablet or mobile. This game was launched by the EA in the year 2014. The players will be the mayor of the city, and they will have to build many new buildings and provide services to the population. Simoleons or golden keys are the main currency in this game. You will have to keep spending time and money on upgrading the buildings and rebuild infrastructures. This is a game of pure strategy for playing the game properly, and the layout plays an important role. Do not spend on unnecessary services as you need them for important upgrades.

Features of this game

Simoleons are the gold coins which you will be earning during the game by upgrading the residential areas. You will also have to do constant selling with trading. Or you can buy the simcash.

Simcash is also referred as green money. You will earn them after you spend money on real cash by completing all the city achievements. You can also earn them by visiting the cities occasionally or by clicking on the bubbles.

Golden keys can also be used as the currency in this game. You can get by completing all the disaster challenges. You can also earn them by completing all the disaster challenges and by completing the shipments. You can also get them by popping any bubbles in various cities.

Platinum keys are also known as blue diamonds which looks light in color. You won’t be able to buy them by using the simcash. You can only get them by using Mayor’s contest which normally deals with the building of legendary items or builds rarely. Mayor’s contest includes town league, city league, etc.

Neo simoleons are also a part of Omega buildings. They are the coins that look like blue hexagons. If you have omega homes, then it can produce the neo simoleons each hour, and it can reach up to 200 in a day.

When you start the game, you will get 25,000 simoleons with 50 simcash. You can easily change the name of the city for many times. Names will not be permanent. But there is no feature of zoning in this SimCity buildit. And the buildings will be plopped manually. The

industrial and the commercial building will produce items, and the residential items will use them for upgrading itself. You can also upgrade the factories. Factories will want the building to demolish itself if they are not productive. So it helps in replacing them with a new one.


The roads will also carry the city services. Here you will have to build a road of two lanes by utilizing build tool. You won’t be able to build anything which has the high capacity, so you have to upgrade it first. At launch, you will get two or four or six lanes when you begin to play this game.


This game is having 5 zones when it comes to using the residential areas. They are the regular residential area or zone, Parisian zone, Tokyo town, London town and the Omega zone. These residential zones will be affected by the land values. With high values of land, you will be wealthier.

So, these are some basic things to keep in mind while playing this game. Have a proper strategy and place the proper layout. Always provide necessary services to the sims. They will in return give you a tax of 20%. For getting wealthier focus on the taxes and build a beautiful residential site. Spend the cash properly otherwise you may not be able to provide basic services when the sims demand you get to another level. These points will give you a basic idea of this game, and you can also use the Simcity Buildit Hack.

Hack tools for getting Clash Royale Free Gems

Are you seeking for an opportunity by which you can gain the huge amount of gems and gold for the clash royale game? Then you won’t like to miss the chance to gain it from the free hack sites. Yes, you can now expand the numbers of gems in the game just by using this hack tools. Here you don’t have to spend a single amount for getting the gems for the game. This is the best platform for gaining the Clash Royale Free Gems. In the clash royale hack, several levels come where you need gems or gold for unlocking the next levels. But because of a shortage of the gems or gold, you have to play that same level.

Today you can unlock such levels without wasting your time. You don’t have to wait for days or weeks just for gems. By making use of this hack tools whenever you want you can use generator gems, elixir or gold for the game.

Clash Royale Free Gems- want to know who it works

To know the procedure straightforward, you can also go online and read there instructions carefully. Follow those instructions carefully for generating the gems or gold for the game. Read this process carefully:

Choose the save site which is designed for the clash royale gems

In the required filed type the user’s name (Username means the account name by which you are playing that game)

After that in the below space typed the desired amount of the gold and gems, remember one thing, try to complete the process as soon as possible

Click on the generator button which is located below the bottom of that same page

Once you click on the button, you have to wait for a while for the loading

After completion of the process, you get the gems into your account

Just go back to your gaming account and started playing your game with the stress-free mind. By this, you can also get the ability to unlock the super magical chest of the game. In this clash royale, the one thing that makes you win the game is the patience. At the time of playing this, you have to stay calm. With Clash Royale hack you can reach the top of the gaming point. Hold your moves and use them at the right time, use your gems at the right point so that you can beat your opponent and can win the battle.

Know how Hay Day Hack provides you with unlimited benefits

Do you also love to play unique games which are free of violence and any kind of action element? Are you also the one who loves to solve critical challenges of a game with ease and excitement with no time boundation? If yes, then Hay Day is the only game that you deserve. This amazing game completely transformed the way of online gaming and the popular genres on which people relied upon. This amazing farm game lets you enjoy the benefits of playing with amazing graphics and with multiple players throughout the world. But, have you ever got stuck in the various levels of the game? If yes, then we have got the Hay Day Hack for you!

Knowing about the hack is really essential, but first, let’s know the game better!

Well, a lot of you who are planning to start their gaming experience with hay day, here are the fundamentals of the game. Hay Day is basically a farming game, which features an uncle who holds fields. As a player, you have to take care of this field on behalf of that landowner and have to produce great crops, sell them and earn money. Not only this but during the course of your game, you have to experiment with various things like fishing, purchasing pets and farm animals along with generating money to purchase the tools.

Thus, as you have to customize the whole farm, have to fulfill the orders, repair various items, and eventually build up your own town, you might find it difficult to d these all with the help of just limited resources. Well, he game itself brings several opportunities to find and catch up with the resources, yet you may fail to do so as you stay on busy with the game. So what to do next? Hay Day Hack is the only answer!

So how is the hack beneficial?

In this amazing game, the two essential things that every player requires to advance include coins and diamonds. These two items are the only ways through which you can purchase various items within the game. Every player starts with limited resources which end up with time, but through the help of Hay Day Hack, the individuals’ can-

Purchase the numerous farm items and can buy various items and products right from the store

They can buy products from other people, farmers and can unlock the mine and fish lake through coins.

Diamonds can help out the players in buying various decorative items along with speeding up the tasks.

Apart from diamonds and coins, the Hay Day Hack gives you unlimited access to various


gift vouchers and cards that can be used to enhance your game play anytime and anywhere. The whole game is really fascinating, but it actually gets irritating when you can’t clear out at the various levels. Thus, opting for reliable Hay Day Hack is a must. You just have to make the use of this hack tool for once, and it will stay with you for a lifetime.

PS3 Game Reviews and Guides: They’ll Do Anything to Get It

What Is So Great About PS3 Game?

A six hundred dollar video game called PS3 is on the market from Sony. The PS3 game is the hottest thing to hit the market for a long, long time. The most sought after maybe ever? We’ll have to see if that is the case, but it sure looks plausible. There were lines all over the country to obtain this latest bit of technology. It seems like everyone wants to get their hands on the PlayStation 3. Are you one of them? Be truthful. Are you one of the people dying to get your hands on PlayStation 3? The PS game reviews have been awesome so far.

People were waiting hours in extremely long lines to obtain their copy of PS3. People were doing whatever they had to in order to get their PS3. They were sitting, standing and all them were anxious to make sure that they got their copy. Some people will do anything so that they can get a copy of the PS3. You ask, did you say anything? They are doing anything to get a hold of a PS3 game? Yes, some people will do just about anything to get it.

Yes, they were even getting shot at to get this PS3 game!

With that knowledge, there should be an extra warning about the PS3 game. Make more of them so that people won’t have to wait or get shot at during this type of thing. For the latest technology that makes sweat look real as it pours from the faces of players on the system this is Technology at it’s finest? Well yes, quite simply, it is the latest and most intricate ever. It takes technology to the next level and game players will love it. So much of it is deemed remarkable in fact.

Then, why can’t they find a way to make more of them so people don’t have to wait in line for them? That is a question that only the makers can answer and maybe someday they will. But PS3 reviews are that this product is tops on the list.

If you hear so many great things about the PS3 game you start to believe it yourself. It is the top of the line. So thumbs up for the PS3 game, however be smart about how you attain one of them. Keep yourself safe if you are going to wait in line for a PS3 game.

Video games will always be popular. They are here to stay and they will amaze you at each new phase that they bring out. Perhaps then, the people that wait for the games should know that it can be hazardous to their health to wait in a line with so many other people for a game like that. But, if they are the type that must have it, then no one can stop them from trying to obtain a copy of it. It must be worth it to wait in these types of lines for a game or so many people wouldn’t do it. Wait at your own risk!